Adelite Glad

Adelite Glad

Adelite glad wid

Adelite Glad

  • Age 14 years old
  • Country Kenya
  • Gender Female
  • Class Standard 8
  • Orphan Status Non-Orphan
Adelite is the second born child of three. Her family has in a one bedroom, permanent rental house. She lives with her father, while her mother works out of town. She has running water in the neighborhood and electricity.

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ADELITE GLAD was born August 30th, 2006. She joined CGA in the 2nd grade, in January, 2014 from another school. She is the second born child of three, and she lives with both of her parents in Mbita. They all live in a one bedroom, permanent rental house. Her father is a public transport driver and her mother works at CGA as an office assistant. Her older sister is in third grade at CGA. They have running water in the neighborhood and electricity. They use charcoal for cooking. Adelite sleeps on a bed and under a mosquito net. Both Adelite and her parents are very grateful for allowing her to join her sister at CGA. 2017 Update: Adelite's mother no longer works at CGA. 2019 Update: This is Adelite's 6th year at CGA and in her 7th grade. Adelite has grown and looks beautiful. She is polite and friendly to her teachers and classmates. Unlike two years ago when she was very playful and could work only under close supervision both at home and at school, Adelite has become responsible. CGA found out that both her parents are working away from home and her older sister joined a boarding high school. Her younger brother is with her mother. So Adelite was living by herself. Her father would call to check on her and send her money for food. And her mother occasionally comes to check on her during weekends. Adelite was taking care of herself, dog and the chickens. This was a major concern to both her teachers and CGA management as a whole. CGA immediately called her father and insisted he (or someone) needed to come and stay with Adelite. The father was able to get a work transfer and he now stays with her at their house in Mbita. Adelite’s father is a public transport driver. He drives the minibus route from Mbita - Kisumu. He drives to Kisumu every morning and back to Mbita in the afternoon. so that he can be home each night to care for Adelite. Despite all these challenges, Adelite has remained calm and continued to come to school without fail. She enjoys learning at CGA and likes the food served. She does well in English class and her best game is Netball.

Christ's Gift Academy Child Sponsorship Program

$45/month or $540/year provides:

- quality education based on Biblical truth

- 2 meals per day

- school uniform

- school supplies

- social worker oversight and counseling, as needed

- medical care (for orphans)

- lots of love by the staff and teachers

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CGA Child Sponsorship
Bring Hope & A Future Through Christian Education

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Christ's Gift Academy 0
Christ's Gift Academy
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
To see God's Kingdom come to Kenya through the lives of these children.

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Adelite Glad

14 years old Female Kenya

Adelite is the second born child of three. Her family has in a one bedroom, permanent rental house. She lives with her father, while her mother wor...

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