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Her little hand wrapped around my shoulder, clinging to me. She giggled as I tossed her around and kissed her neck. Oh how she is priceless, this little precious one. We danced. Her eyes gleaming. My eyes glistening with tears. Her joy reminded me with every dancing giggle that she missed having a mommy of her own.

150 million orphans worldwide. It breaks our hearts to even consider the enormous facts. To look into their eyes or consider their individual stories is nearly unfathomable. Unspeakable pain. What we wouldn't give to turn back the clock and save their mamas. To prevent this unthinkable tragedy from happening to these precious little ones. To keep them from bearing the scar, the title ORPHAN.

At Beauty for Ashes Uganda, we have a strategy to PREVENT orphans. It's simple: Keep Mamas Alive.

Yep. It's that simple. If we can keep mamas alive by providing life saving surgeries, we can keep precious little (and big!) ones from facing horrific pain. And all for as little as $250! $250 can save a mama's life and prevent 4-12 children from being orphaned and alone. It can keep smiles on their faces and help an entire family experience a miracle.

In our work with women's cooperatives in the Teso Region of Uganda, we have 1,183 mamas in our program being empowered and trained up and encouraged to be the best mamas they can be. Some of these mamas are sick. Too many of them really. But we can help that when we work together. These mamas needs vary from $80-$800, but each one matters significantly...especially to her precious ones. Join us today to remind each mama that SHE IS PRICELESS!

Every gift of every size matters. All joining together to tell our mamas that they matter and that their kiddos matter. All preventing orphans by keeping mamas alive. Thank YOU for giving because She Is Priceless! (ps: YOU are priceless too!)

  • BONUS opportunity!!!!!

    over 48 years ago

    This $25,000 goal was OUTRAGEOUS. I mean, downright LUDICROUS! 

    But you guys are AMAZING and God is GOOD!!!!!!

    So here's the next step! We have a BONUS opportunity!!!


    For every $100 given over our goal, we can hire medical staff to go TO our mamas to TEACH them basic medical tips. Things like wound care (SO needed), signs of malaria, how to help your kiddos when they're sick and so forth. Every $100 will fund one day in one subdistrict. We want to do at least 10....but everything from here on out will go to fund medical training / education for our mamas!!!!

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