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Community Center for La VIA

Community Center for La VIA

  • $22,485
    One-time Donations


Beth Hansen 0
Beth Hansen
Grimes, IA
Anna Alig 0
Anna Alig
Walhalla, SC
Libby Ehrig 0
Libby Ehrig
Nevada, IA
Chris McGuire 0
Chris McGuire
Bradford, MA
Steve Michmerhuizen 0
Steve Michmerhuizen
Grand Rapids, MI
Linda Ewers 0
Linda Ewers
Powell, OH
Eleanor Cone 0
Eleanor Cone
Wolfeboro, NH
Russ & Ramona Simons 0
Russ & Ramona Simons
Buckingham, PA
Patty Costello 0
Patty Costello
granville, OH
Charlie and Susie Gaskill 0
Kari Allgire 0
Kari Allgire
Omaha, NE
Thien Nguyen 0
Thien Nguyen
Worcester, MA
Nicholas Petersen 0
Nicholas Petersen
Cincinnati, OH
Megan McFarland 0
Megan McFarland
Canby, OR
Laurie Murdock 0
Laurie Murdock
Cookeville, TN
Mike and Susan Gorman 0
Mike and Susan Gorman
Worthington, OH
Laura Bigler 0
Laura Bigler
Cedar Rapids, IA
  • $25,000 One-time Goal
  • 500 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

Field Partner

Word Made Flesh 0
Wilmore, KY, US
Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

Fundraiser Organizer

Word Made Flesh
Wilmore, KY, US

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Ended - June 01, 2016
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Community Center for La VIA

by Word Made Flesh 500 Lives Impacted

La VIA (Word Made Flesh Moldova) needs $65,000 to purchase property for a community center, and another estimated $25,000 to renovate the interior....

$22,485 One-time Donations
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