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Brennon Bloemendaal Support

Brennon Bloemendaal Support

Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti


JoAnn Phippin Blackmon 0
JoAnn Phippin Blackmon
hebron, MD, US
Mackenzie Crace 3
Mackenzie Crace
Buda, TX, United States
Robyn Estrada 10
Robyn Estrada
T.J. and Sarah Wolling 0
Christina Weiske 0
Christina Weiske
Lancaster, CA
Lisa Trygstad 0
Lisa Trygstad
Lino Lakes, MN
Regina G Bloemendaal 0
Regina G Bloemendaal
Lancaster, California, United States
lana Waites 0
lana Waites
Trussville, Alabama, United States
West Baxter 0
West Baxter
Austin, Texas, United States
Justin Gamble 0
Justin Gamble
Austin, TX
Journey Church 0
Journey Church
Palmdale, CA
  • 1 Lives Impacted
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Field Partner

Help One Now 3M
Raleigh, NC, US
Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local lead...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

Fundraiser Organizer

Help One Now
Raleigh, NC, US

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Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti

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Ended - May 31, 2017
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Brennon Bloemendaal Support

by Help One Now 1 Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti

Hello Help One Now tribe….my name is Brennon Bloemendaal! I grew up in sunny southern California and moved to Austin, TX when I was 19 to help ...

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