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God has called me to the Coffee Region of Colombia to work in the front lines of the battle to make his name known among the nations.

Over 22 years ago God saved me from a life of destruction and emptiness. I am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ and my life´s ambition is to serve my Lord out of a heart of gratitude, thankfulness and obedience.

 He has blessed my life so much! He brought a wonderful and beautiful wife to minister alongside me and has given us two lovely children. Together with my wife Sandra, our children Laura (15) and Pablo (7), our family serves here in Armenia, Colombia.

As a national partner of e3 Partners Colombia, I serve as the Regional Coordinator of the Coffee District with the responsibilities to supervise, lead and direct a network of over 60 churches. I also serve to host and direct the North American teams who come here to share the Gospel and plant churches. We continually see lives changed and reconciled to God, communities transformed and families restored. This is an exciting time to be obedient to Jesus Christ.

I have served as a pastor at my church in Armenia for the last 8 years. I have served e3 partners for the last 5 years. I have served as the regional Coordinator for the Coffee District for the past 2 years.  At this time the Lord is calling me to give all my efforts and attention to working full time with e3 Partners but it requires a team effort. I invite you to be a part of this exciting church planting movement and to launch into this new season with us by your prayers and financial support.

We are looking for monthly supporters who will commit to being our ministry partners as well as others who might desire to give a special gift. 

Together for the glory of God!

Alex Lopez and family

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Colombia National Partner - Alex Lopez

by e3 Partners 100 Lives Impacted

God has called me to the Coffee Region of Colombia to work in the front lines of the battle to make his name known among the nations.Over 22 years...

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