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John Garner 0
John Garner
Damascus, OR
Kay Morales 0
Kay Morales
Austin, TX
deanne gillock 0
deanne gillock
Portland, OR
Kevin Visscher 0
Kevin Visscher
Damascus, OR
Robert Meyers 0
Robert Meyers
Srartup, WA
Heather Wood 0
Heather Wood
Portland, OR
Ike Kim 0
Ike Kim
Allen, TX
Portia Manjengwa 0
Portia Manjengwa
Portland, OR
Colleen Milstein 0
Colleen Milstein
Portland, OR
Philippa Laird 0
Philippa Laird
Portland, OR
Gail Stockamp 0
Gail Stockamp
Lake Oswego, OR
Alec Eagon 0
Alec Eagon
Portland, OR
Eric Joshua Weiser 0
Eric Joshua Weiser
Fairbanks, AK
Deborah Douglas 0
Deborah Douglas
Damascus, OR
Stephen L. Kilpatrick 0
Stephen L. Kilpatrick
Salem, Oregon, United States
Anthony Monteleone 0
Anthony Monteleone
Portland, OR
  • 10,000 Lives Impacted
  • 1518 Days To Go

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Loom International 0
Portland, OR, US
Loom International brings people, resources, training and information together for the ...
All donations go directly to Loom International as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Loom International
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1518 Days to go
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by Loom International 10K Lives Impacted

Loom International is 100% funded through the generous donations of people like YOU and all funds go to make our work with projects locally and int...

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