NWA Gives 2021: New Beginnings

New beginnings
One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $40,000
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This year for NWA Gives we have not one, but FOUR ways that you can help New Beginnings!

New Beginnings utilizes a “Housing First” approach to quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing with few preconditions and barriers. Once individuals are in a safe, secure, and clean environment, we will work with community partners to provide the appropriate services to work toward permanent housing solutions.

Our goal at New Beginnings is to provide 20 housing units for our residents as they work towards their housing goals! For NWA Gives we are hoping to raise $5,000 that will go towards the remaining goal for funding the shelters needed for our campus

Our second goal is $5,000 that will go towards furnishings for the pallets!

We want to create a space where our residents can not only find rest but also where they can feel confident in working towards their housing goals. Examples of furnishings include: 

-welcome mats
-sheets, blankets, and pillows
-decor (wall art, rugs, houseplants, desk lamp, calendar)
-hygiene care package
-pet care supplies

Meet Ardith. During the pandemic, Ardith wanted to stay busy but also still help make a difference in some way! The result was 21 handmade quilts that she and her husband made for New Beginnings. Now, thanks to their hard work, we'll be able to provide a handmade quilt in each one of our pallets for our residents! We love that such an item made with so much love will be awaiting our residents when they open the doors to their new home. 

Did you know that we will have a Community Center on campus? The goal of the Community Center is dual purpose: first, it is to house the shared facilities like the kitchen, bathroom, shower, and laundry machines that people need. Second, it has flexible space used to facilitate partners onsite who can support people with healthcare, nutrition, employment preparation, and self-care activities.

During NWA Gives, we hope to raise $5,000 towards furnishings for the Center to help create a space that will feel welcoming, calming, and empowering. Examples of furnishings include: 

-desks, filing cabinets
-housing resource kiosk,
-things that help provide space for healthcare, nutrition, peer support, self-care (yoga, etc), employment coordination.

Our last goal for NWA Gives is to raise $5,000 towards hiring a Social Worker! 

Having a person with expertise with the right heart-set and mindset can mean all the difference for somebody who is working on reaching goals around health and housing. Watch this quick video from our Director, Solomon Burchfield to learn why having a Social Worker at New Beginnings is so important! 

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