NWA Gives: The Transformation Station 2021

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Amount Raised: $4,850
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Due to Covid-19, the finances of NWA's families have become even more uncertain with a growing income disparity! 

We have had scholarship applications pouring in like never before!! 

Currently, our 100% volunteer organization is supporting over 36 families in NWA! 

We have even more on a waiting list....

Can you help us?

Help Us continue to make single parents feel proud of what they are able to afford.

Help Us encourage teen girls learn to love their strong amazing dancing bodies.

Help Us increase the amount we are able to give to foster kids, special needs, and those that have fallen on hardships that make dance out of reach for them financially.

Help Us bridge the gap for short and long term assistance when needed.

Help Us give a fun and healthy outlet to families suffering during a pandemic! 

**Our mission is to TRANSFORM NW Arkansas, from "at risk" socio-economically disadvantaged youth to families experiencing short term financial setbacks, by providing scholarships for dance, theatre, and voice classes.

 After school activities are often the first thing cut from a families budget.  We have heard so many stories from adults in our community saying, "My parents couldn't afford to sign me up for dance classes when I was growing up. Im so glad this opportunity exists for my child!" For SO many families, this is a reality!  

  Thank you for helping Us make NWArkansas a little bit groovier!!


Our goal is to raise $5,400.00 to help over 36 families in NWA take dance classes in the summer!!

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