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Ozark Folkways is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, development, instruction, and celebration of the arts, crafts, and music of the Arkansas Ozarks. 

We host workshops, concerts, and a gallery of local arts and crafts in our historic building on scenic Highway 71 in Winslow, just south of the Crawford County line and about halfway between Fayetteville and Fort Smith.

We curate a gallery of artwork and crafts by dozens of creatives, most within a 50 mile radius of our facility. 

Our indoor and outdoor stages have featured performances by Ozarks musicians, our annual kids’ art camp, fashion shows, film screenings, lectures, and more.

Our programs enrich the lives of hundreds of people every year, both those who experience the arts, crafts, and music we present, and those who create them. 

All of the workshops and events we offer are coordinated by volunteers who are dedicated to our mission.The majority of proceeds from our workshops, concerts, and gallery sales go directly to the artists, instructors, musicians, and craftspeople who are our partners in pursuit of our mission. 

So, investments from individual donors and foundations help keep our programs going and will allow us to expand our offerings.If you haven’t already done so, please consider investing in Ozark Folkways - your Ozarks MakerSpace. 

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