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Leslie J Hill 0
Leslie J Hill
Champlin, MN
Brooke Winter 0
Brooke Winter
Columbia Heights, MN
Michele Roseberry 0
Michele Roseberry
Fairfax, IA
Ruth A Cancia 0
Ruth A Cancia
Lawrenceville, GA
Nathan Lueck 0
Nathan Lueck
St. Paul, MN
Cynthia Bolstad 0
Cynthia Bolstad
Cambridge, MN
 RussellRaduenz 0
Southsaintpaul, MN
Steve Haas 0
Steve Haas
Noblesville, IN
Brian & Caryn Watson 0
Brian & Caryn Watson
Story City, IA
Nicole Langer 0
Nicole Langer
Champlin, MN
Linda Kirker 0
Linda Kirker
Glendale, CA
Michelle Durrett 0
Michelle Durrett
Melbourne, FL
The Church at Viera 0
The Church at Viera
Dan Cool 0
Dan Cool
LeRoy, MI
Mike and Wendy Haddock 0
Mike and Wendy Haddock
Woodbridge, VA
Terri Friedlander 0
Terri Friedlander
Melbourne, FL
Susan & Blake Hammerstrom 0
Susan & Blake Hammerstrom
Bloomington, MN
Tyler & Ali Hougland 0
Tyler & Ali Hougland
Twin Falls, ID
Kenneth E Brown 0
Kenneth E Brown
Coon Rapids, MN
  • 1,500 Lives Impacted
  • 1186 Days To Go

Field Partner

World Wide Village 0
Coon Rapids, MN, US
World Wide Village envisions a time when education will be widespread in Haiti, the fa...
All donations go directly to World Wide Village as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Patricia Mortensen
Merritt Island, FL

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1186 Days to go
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General Giving

by Patricia Mortensen 1K Lives Impacted Haiti

Thank you for choosing to give to God's work in Haiti. Your donation today will make a huge impact in the lives of those living in rural Haiti.   $...

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