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Bryant Gauthier 0
Bryant Gauthier
alexandria, VA
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Robin Burns
Iowa City, Iowa, United States
 Heather 0
Coon Rapids, MN
Eric and Dee Arnold 0
Eric and Dee Arnold
Bartlett, IL
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Melinda Bochmann
Solon, IA
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Kristine Penning
Hubbard, IA
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Cody Capra
Comstock, WI
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Robert Krukoski
Anoka, MN
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caroline mensink
Ham Lake, MN
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Alex Pepin
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Diane Rumsey
East Bethel, MN
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Philip J Caswell
White Bear Lake, MN
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Kellie Fontaine
Lexington, KY
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Kurt Schoenecker
Shakopee, MN
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Kristine Rotzoll
North Liberty, IA
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Shelby Casper
Las Animas
Ellie Gilliam 0
Ellie Gilliam
Waunakee, WI
Grace Le Sage 0
Grace Le Sage
Iowa City, IA
Melissa Rumery 0
Melissa Rumery
Madison, WI
  • 1,500 Lives Impacted
  • 2022 Days To Go

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World Wide Village 0
Minneapolis, MN, US
World Wide Village envisions a time when education will be widespread in Haiti, the fa...
All donations go directly to World Wide Village as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Patricia Mortensen
Merritt Island, FL

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2022 Days to go
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General Giving

by Patricia Mortensen 1K Lives Impacted Haiti

Thank you for choosing to give to God's work in Haiti. Your donation today will make a huge impact in the lives of those living in rural Haiti.   $...

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