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Joseph Okoth Odoyo

  • Age 7 years old
  • Country Kenya
  • Gender Male
  • Class Standard 1
  • Orphan Status Non-Orphan
“ I love my uniform from CGA.” Joseph's father is a security guard at CGA. He is the 6th of 8 children. He lives with his father and six of his siblings in a one room structure made of metal sheets. They have no electricity or running water.

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Joseph Okoth Odoyo was born on December 4th, 2010.

His teachers say he is very outgoing. When ask why he likes attending CGA, he said, “ I love my uniform from CGA.”

He joined the CGA Pre primary class in January 2017. Joseph has a mother and a father. His father lives in Mbita and is a security guard at CGA. Currently he is the 6th child of 8 siblings. Two of his older siblings also attend CGA. All the seven siblings live in Mbita with their father and only the youngest who is still a baby live in the home place with the mother. The mother takes care of the land and their family garden. Their house in Mbita is a one room structure of iron sheets located near the town junction, where there are many rental rooms and small kiosks. They have a common toilet shared with three families, but no electricity or running water. They have a water tap within the compound that is shared with all the families that live within that compound. They do their washing in the lake about 20 minutes walk away. They use a lantern for light at night. Their father does a good job keeping the house clean and taking care of all the seven children that live with him. They are all healthy and happy children. Joseph is excited to be in school at CGA with his siblings and his father. Joseph is a bright boy who did very well on his interview test. We trust he will be wonderful.

Christ's Gift Academy Child Sponsorship Program
$45/month or $540/year provides:
- quality education based on Biblical truth
- 2 meals per day
- school uniform
- school supplies
- social worker oversight and counseling, as needed
- medical care (for orphans)
- lots of love by the staff and teachers

  • 286 Sponsorships
  • 17 Sponsors Needed
  • 286 Lives Impacted
  • 269 Sponsors

Program Information

CGA Primary School Child Sponsorship
Bring Hope & A Future Through Christian Education

Field Partner

Christ's Gift Academy 0
Christ's Gift Academy
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
To see God's Kingdom come to Kenya through the lives of these children.

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Joseph Okoth Odoyo

7 years old Male Kenya

“ I love my uniform from CGA.” Joseph's father is a security guard at CGA. He is the 6th of 8 children. He lives with his father and six of his s...

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