Available Sponsorships

  • Bakari Omar

    10 years old Male Kenya

    Bakari helps his family by looking after he goats. He has two siblings. One of his parents is a teacher.

  • Betty W Kimani

    5 years old Female Kenya

    Betty loves chapati (like a fried tortilla) and beans. Her favorite animal is a cat. She is an only child in a christian family and her mom works a...

  • Binti Abdalla

    7 years old Female Kenya

    Binti wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

  • Christine Kenyatta

    Female Kenya

    Christine loves to learn and play with her friends at school. She has two siblings. She helps her mother with fetching water.

  • Elizabeth Muisyo

    13 years old Female Kenya

    Elizabeth enjoys all types of food. She is quiet and shy during school. Her favorite thing to do is to sharpen pencils.

  • Fatuma M. Juma

    4 years old Female Kenya

    Fatuma helps to sweep the compound, and she enjoys playing with cats.

  • Givan Vyabule

    10 years old Male Kenya

    Givan hopes to be a police officer when he grows up. His favorite thing at school is reading story books.

  • Hilary Gift (Mboya)

    16 years old Male Kenya

    Hilary hopes to be an electrician one day.

  • Innocent Kalii

    13 years old Male Kenya

    Innocent likes to read. At home he helps with digging in the garden.

  • Jackson M Paul

    5 years old Male Kenya

    Jackson likes playing at school. His favorite food is meat and ugali. He wants to be a driver when he grows up. Playing makes him happy. Jackso...

  • Kelvin Samson

    Male Kenya

    Kelvin enjoys playing on the climbing wall at school.  His favorite food is beans with rice and his favorite animal is a goat because it has horns.

  • Mariam K Ali

    13 years old Female Kenya

    When Mariam grows up she wants to be a doctor. At home she helps with cooking.