Available Sponsorships

  • Gyan S. Mbitha

    5 years old Male Kenya

    Gyan is from a Christian family and has two brothers, Alfred and Reuben (who is also his best friend).

  • Hamisi C Abdalla

    4 years old Male Kenya

    Hamisi is a new student at Maasai Corner. He says he loves how clean and orderly everything is there. Hamisi likes cats. His favorite food is ugali...

  • Hilary Gift (Mboya)

    16 years old Male Kenya

    Hilary hopes to be an electrician one day.

  • Innocent Kalii

    13 years old Male Kenya

    Innocent likes to read. At home he helps with digging in the garden.

  • Jackson M Paul

    5 years old Male Kenya

    Jackson likes playing at school. His favorite food is meat and ugali. He wants to be a driver when he grows up. Playing makes him happy. Jackso...

  • Janet Onyango

    7 years old Female Kenya

    Janet comes from a Christian family, is one of five children, and her dad is a mechanic. She hopes to run a hotel when she grows up. At home she h...

  • Khamisi Hassan

    5 years old Male Kenya

    Khamisi's family is Muslim. He has a sister named Husna.

  • Lilian Chindoro

    13 years old Female Kenya

    Lilian likes Maasai Corner Academy. Her favorite meal is rice and chicken. She wants to be an accountant. She has two sisters. Lilian helps wit...

  • Linn Kendi Njeru

    14 years old Female Kenya

    Linn comes from a Christian, farming family. She has one sister, Abbigail. She hopes to be an actress when she grows up. Some of her favorite th...

  • Malik M. Idd

    4 years old Male Kenya

    Malik enjoys chapati and beans and playing with goats. He has three siblings.

  • Mariam Ega Suleiman

    10 years old Female Kenya

    Mariam hopes to be a doctor when she grows up, she really enjoys learning at school.

  • Mariam K Ali

    13 years old Female Kenya

    When Mariam grows up she wants to be a doctor. At home she helps with cooking.