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  • Ruwaida Suleiman

    7 years old Female Kenya

    Ruwaida is an only child and likes how nice the school campus is.

  • Bakari Omar

    11 years old Male Kenya

    Bakari helps his family by looking after he goats. He has two siblings. One of his parents is a teacher.

  • Mejumaa Said

    11 years old Female Kenya

    Mejumaa comes from a Muslim family and has one sibling, Abdalla. Mejumaa hopes to be a police officer one day. At home she helps with washing dis...

  • Abdalla Said

    8 years old Male Kenya

    Abdalla comes from a Muslim family and has one sibling, Mejumaa. He hopes to be a police officer when he grows up. He enjoys being at MCA because...

  • Mwanasha Mahmud

    11 years old Kenya

    Mwanasha has one brother. Her favorite food is rice and beans. She would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

  • Husna Hassan

    Female Kenya

    My favorite food is rice. My favorite thing is playing ball. I have 1 sister.

  • Michael O Omolo

    12 years old Male Kenya

    Michael likes to learn. Ugali and chicken is his favorite food. He helps with washing after meals. Michael wants to be a doctor. Michael is an ...

  • Bakari Siasa

    9 years old Male Kenya

    Bakari is one of five in his family. His father is a farmer. Bakari likes to play soccer.

  • Rukia Masudi

    12 years old Female Kenya

    I like playing with dolls, and my favorite animal are cows, because they give milk.

  • Fatuma Z Said

    5 years old Female Kenya

    Fatuma likes chapati (like a fried tortilla) and beans. Her favorite animal is a cat. She likes playing with dolls and her best friend Rehema. She ...

  • Asha Ali

    4 years old Female Kenya

    Asha is one of two children in her family. She likes watching tv. Asha helps with the dishes after meals. Ugali and greens are her favorite meal.

  • Mwanatumu Juma

    3 years old Male Kenya

    Mwanatumu helps with cleaning the compound. She likes playing with her friends. Her father is a mason. She is one of four children in the family.