Available Sponsorships

  • Abigael W. Rodgers

    8 years old Female Kenya

    Abigael likes reading. Chapati and beans are her favorite meal. At home she helps with the cooking. Abigael wants to be a chef when she grows up.

  • Aisha M Hamisi

    4 years old Female Kenya

    Aisha would like to be a police officer when she grows up. She likes playing with dolls and her best friend Abdalla. She has a brother named Mohame...

  • Amara Dhiramo Kamanda

    6 years old Female Kenya

    Amara has one sister and is from a Catholic family. She enjoys swimming and playing with dogs.

  • Anifa Hamisi

    12 years old Kenya

    Anifa likes to learn. She is one of four children in her family. At home she helps with sweeping. Rice and beef stew is her favorite food.

  • Anna M Paul

    4 years old Female Kenya

    Anna loves learning at Maasai Corner Academy. Her favorite meal at school is rice and beans. She enjoys watching cartoons and her favorite animal i...

  • Aroon M Kilonzo

    9 years old Male Kenya

    Aroon is an only child. His mother farms and his dad is a motor cycle driver.

  • Asha Ali

    4 years old Female Kenya

    Asha is one of two children in her family. She likes watching tv. Asha helps with the dishes after meals. Ugali and greens are her favorite meal.

  • Aubrey M. Mwang'ombe

    5 years old Male Kenya

    Aubrey is in PP2 and loves playing on the swings at school, especially with Daniel.

  • Austine M. Gift

    4 years old Male Kenya

    Austine likes school. He has two siblings. Rice and beans is his favorite meal.

  • Bakari Omar

    11 years old Male Kenya

    Bakari helps his family by looking after he goats. He has two siblings. One of his parents is a teacher.

  • Beryl N. Makanda

    12 years old Female Kenya

    Beryl likes chapti and beans. At home she helps with cleaning the house. She wants to be a journalist when she grows up. Beryl is one of three c...

  • Biellah M. Mwambaji

    11 years old Female Kenya

    Biellah likes the Maasai Corner school and classes. Rice and beans are her favorite food. At home she helps with washing after meals.