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  • Adam Z Kassim

    8 years old Male Kenya

    Adam is a talkative child. His family are farmers.

  • Amina Omar

    7 years old Female Kenya

    Amina is one of three siblings in her family. She helps with sweeping her family compound. Rice and beans are her favorite food. She likes school.

  • Bakari Omar

    9 years old Male Kenya

    Bakari helps his family by looking after he goats. He has two siblings. One of his parents is a teacher.

  • Everlyne Akinyi

    13 years old Female Kenya

    Everylyne likes school. She helps her family with washing dishes and moping. Everlyne wants to be a doctor. Chicken and rice are her favorite fo...

  • Juliet Robert

    10 years old Female Kenya

    Juliet likes to write in school. She is mostly quiet. Her family are farmers

  • Mbarak Mahmud

    12 years old Male Kenya

    Mubarak is a energetic child. He fears the sounds from machines. He likes to pick mangos on his walk home from school.

  • Mwanamisi Juma

    13 years old Female Kenya

    Mwanamisi likes to help her mother fetch water from the Maasai Corner well.