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dateApril 15, 2014

3 Tips For Better Engagement: Dan Portnoy

Dan Portnoy is a Non-Profit consultant, award winning author, and creative genius. In this video, he presents 3 quick tips for better engagement.

Tip #1 – Listen: It is crucial to find out if you are communicating as effectively as you think you are. Tangible ways to be proactive about listening include solicitation of feedback, active conversation in social media, and searching for your organization and your work as though you were an individual in search of the services that you provide.

Tip #2 – Talk 1 to 1: It doesn’t matter how large your audience is, it is made up of individuals. Those individuals want to connect with you for a reason, so make address them as though they are your friends.

Tip #3 – Think About Intersections: Don’t limit yourself to talking about your brand and the services you offer, but meet your audience where they are and participate in relevant conversations: pop culture, current events, entertainment, etc…

Following these tips can help engage with your audience better and create more meaningful relationships with them.

If you feel like you or your organization could use some coaching with respect to your engagement or storytelling, reach out to Dan. He’s an amazing resource (BONUS: he knows the location of every cool coffee shop in the world).
Phone: 626.487.9822


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