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dateApril 15, 2014

3 Tips on Storytelling: Dan Portnoy

Storytelling should be a vital component in your non-profit’s communication strategy. Dan Portnoy is widely regarded for his expertise in non-profit storytelling. His book, The Non-Profit Narrative details how your organization can effectively communicate your work to your audience. This video covers 3 quick tips to make your storytelling better.

Tip #1 – Your Story is a Ritual: As we see in so many memorable fairy tales and great movies, the way a story plays out is incredibly important. The journey can be more interesting and more meaningful than the destination. Organizations that apply this principal to their communications strategies please their audiences by including them in that journey.

Tip #2 – Use Multiple Tools: Don’t just keep beating the same drum. If you are transparent with your audience as you move through the different emotional states involved in your story, it will keep them connected.

Tip #3 – Overlap Your Social Posts: You can say several messages that braid together in various channels to strengthen your overarching message.

If you would like to get in touch with Dan to see how he can help your organization, here’s where you’ll find him:
Phone: 626.487.9822


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