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Arkansas Climate Symposium: Local Stories, Community Solutions

We at the Arkansas Citizens' Climate League are excited to invite you to support our unique grassroots Climate Symposium on October 2 at the Windgate Center of Art and Design, University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

We chose the theme “Local Stories, Community Solutions” for the Symposium because of the incredible vulnerability and tenacity we witnessed and heard about during last year’s record flooding. Now more than ever climate change calls us to take care of each other.


In keeping with our mission of Empowerment: Engagement, Education, Encouragement, we are:

  • Coordinating with community leaders most in touch with the intersection of environment, poverty and race. Our focus is on bringing together people across generational, geographic, ethnic and socioeconomic lines to address the issue of climate change.

  • Developing a youth track for the Symposium, where students and mentors will lead interactive workshops for teens on climate science, intergenerational conversations and wellness.

  • Designing a plenary session to build bridges between first responders, community members, and relevant emergency management agencies.

  • Organizing a post-Symposium gathering to continue to nurture and expand upon the knowledge, connections, and inspirations gained on October 2.

Your donation via NWA Gives will specifically go towards the Climate Symposium’s organizing and providing a healthy lunch to all who attend this day-long event.

Thank you for your support! 

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