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Dear friends and supporters of Spay Arkansas,
During this time of crisis for our nation, we know many have been impacted by the need to practice social distancing and stay home. Our community members are facing loss of income, potentially loss of businesses and jobs and a great deal of uncertainty. Now more than ever, the comfort of a beloved pet is vital to many and uncertainty about caring for them is difficult. Spay Arkansas maintains a pet food and supply pantry named Ozzie's Pantry. We are already seeing an uptick of requests for food and know that will continue to increase. We are also entering spring and summer with the increased need to prevent fleas and ticks from infesting and making a pet ill. All donations during this fundraiser will go directly to support our food and supply pantry as we purchase flea and tick preventatives to distribute to those in need as well as food. No donation is too small and together we are stronger

This video from our board president, Romaine Kobilsek and Channing Barker talks more about Spay Arkansas and our community impact. 


    over 1 year ago

    Dear supporters and friends. While our initial plan for our donations on this day of giving in NWA was to fund our community cat program, things have changed so dramatically in recent weeks.
    In this time of crisis we have temporarily stopped doing surgeries based on the requests of the CDC, the American Veterinary Medicine Association and many other leaders in our field.

    This does not mean the community will not need Spay Arkansas more than ever once we can resume operations, and it certainly does not mean we are not here and ready to serve. We operate a pet food pantry and already the need for pet food is growing. We know that the longer our friends and neighbors go without paychecks, the greater that need will be. We are setting a more modest goal to raise $2,500 to purchase much needed pet food and flea/tick preventatives to give those in need. 

    NWA is a blessed and generous community. Any donations towards this will be received with a grateful heart. 

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