Classroom Additions

Classroom Additions

Amount Raised


Mike Rusch 67M
Mike Rusch
Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
Alia Joy Hagenbach 155
Alia Joy Hagenbach
Bend, OR, United States
Kristen Clark Welch 3K
Kristen Clark Welch
Magnolia, TX, United States
Lisa-Jo Baker 11K
Lisa-Jo Baker
Springfield, VA
Kaitlyn Bouchillon 1
Kaitlyn Bouchillon
Lake Worth, Florida, United States
Joanne Viola 8
Joanne Viola
Reading, MA., United States
Kristin Copher 13K
Kristin Copher
Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
Mary Toland 3M
Mary Toland
Fayetteville, AR, US
Donna Livingston 0
Donna Livingston
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Sally Haukas 2
Sally Haukas
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Amy Wagner 4
Amy Wagner
Constantine, Michigan, United States
Josh Copher 10M
Josh Copher
Rogers, AR, United States
Myquillyn Smith 4
Myquillyn Smith
Midland, NC
emily freeman 41
emily freeman
Greensboro, NC
Kim Larkin 0
Kim Larkin
Bakersfield, CA, United States
Deirdre Hopkins 1
Deirdre Hopkins
Broken Arrow, OK, United States
  • $8,500 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 20 Lives Impacted
  • Ended Dec 26, 2013

Field Partner

Mercy House Global 3K
Mercy House Global
Magnolia, TX, US
Mercy House Global empowers vulnerable families with hope and opportunities.

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Classroom Additions

by Mercy House Global Kenya Opportunity

Our home is simply maxed out in space. But there is outdoor space we can use to add a new classroom building & provide a covered awning on the...

$8,500 Amount Raised
  • $8,500 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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