She Is Priceless: 2nd Story Goods

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The thing we find to be true in this work is that women are heroic in their determination to care for their families. They do not need pity, they need a path to walk and some of the bigger obstacles removed.  They already have the dignity and the grit to walk the path themselves!  

2nd Story Goods exists to create that path!  So we're reaching out today for help to raise money to build out the space here in Gonaives that will be the flagship store to highlight and market it hand crafted goods these women are making!  I believe it is going to be a game changer!  With this new store we expect to not only keep these women employed but we expect to have to hire at least 20 more people in the next 2 years! 

That's why we started this fundraiser on Pure Charity. Every penny of this goes to creating this path for the artisan products to be marketed in the best most successful way possible!  

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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