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Betalfew Belete is 33 and she has one child, Yecheneku (age 11).  They currently live near the trash dump. Even though her home is a makeshift tent she still pays rent of $15 to the people who built it and claimed the area for themselves. She was begging on the streets and digging in the dump for recyclables to sell until she and her daughter became part of the Caring for Korah program. Now Betalfew is able to work making bracelets and she has also begun preparing and selling injera (a local bread eaten with most meals). Through working with our staff she has better learned how care for her only daughter, keep her safe and provide for the two of them in a safe healthy way.

Our goal is to be able to provide more work for women like Betalfew in the community. Providing these women with the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to support and feed their families makes a lasting impact. All donations given to Caring for Korah will help to empower women through business education and God's word. 

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