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There is inherent value in every human being.

We believe in the power of restoring families, communities, and self-worth through the honorable business exchange. 

We also believe in the greater impact of holistic employment by putting people first and creating opportunities for personal well-being and growth. This is why we need your help in raising $6000 to support our Wellness & Educational programs at Haiti Design Co

Every dollar that you give will go directly towards providing a daily nutritious meal, monthly educational seminars, quality health insurance, micro-business & personal mentorship, and support our artisan savings program.  

Your support will help our artisan communities to not only survive, but to thrive. 

Read Yverose's Story Below:

“The programs that Haiti Design Co offers me as an employee have helped me in so many ways, and I am very thankful for them in my life. This past year I was living in government housing and out of nowhere they came to evict me. I had been working on building my own house in a different area, but I still had a lot to do in order to be able to move in. Thankfully, Haiti Design Co had started a program called Saving for Tomorrow before this problem arose and I was able to save up enough money through this savings program in order to finish my house quickly to move in once I was evicted.

I am also thankful for the health insurance provided through Haiti Design Co. I went to see a doctor because I was in a lot of pain, my back was hurting me constantly. When I was younger I worked in a factory, and the work I did there really took a toll on my back. The insurance that Haiti Design Co provides pays for 80% of hospital care and medicine. This is amazing because there is no way I would have the total cost in order to see a doctor in those needed times. The doctor was able to help me and give me good advice of how to deal with my back pain when I’m working.

Haiti Design Co provides a meal for us to eat every day, and this isn’t only great for me, but for the entire team of ladies I work with every day. I have to leave very early to get to work on time because of transportation and city traffic. I don’t have enough time to make a meal. Even if I begin preparing something, someone in my family would need to eat it and I would have to wait until I get home in the evening to eat. Without this meal, I would be eating some crackers or a cup of coffee to get through the day.

I try to attend all of the trainings and seminars that Haiti Design Co offers. My favorite by far was the business training I attended last month. I learned so many things, and the session was packed with helpful information. When I am finished with the projects remaining on my house, I want to focus on starting a side business. The training really motivated me.”

To learn more about our story, mission, and model, watch the video below:

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