She is Priceless : No. 41

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Our mission at No.41 is simple: to empower women to create change; in their own lives, in their community, and in the world.

We exist to come alongside this amazing group of women in Rwanda, to shine a light on their God-given gifts and talents, to uncover the tools to rise above poverty and the desire to bring others up with them.

Today, No.41 is working to raise $5,000 to get us over the hump and into our very own, brand new shop! With the growth we've already seen and the growth we expect to see, we need a bigger space and one that we can rely on. We've been saving our pennies all year, we have our sights set on the perfect location, we have 50% of what we need, and we need your help with the rest to make it happen!

When you join with us, you are truly changing the world FOR ONE.

Thank you!

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