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Fenel Louis

  • Age 15 years old
  • Country Haiti
  • Gender Male
  • Age 10
  • Grade K
  • Likes He loves sleeping and his favorite food is corn.
  • Region Terre Blanche
  • Parents He is the son of Joiccilien Louis and Melanie Michel.
  • Siblings 1 Brother and 3 Sisters
  • Desires To Be To Be a Doctor.

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  • 165 Sponsorships
  • 159 Sponsors Needed
  • 165 Lives Impacted
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Program Information

Marie Therese Jean Pierre of Terre Blanche
To change the lives in Haiti.

Field Partner

Caribbean Baptist Mission Society 0
Caribbean Baptist Mission Society
Burleson, TX, US
To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Island of Haiti.

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Fenel Louis

15 years old Male Haiti

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