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Andy's Iraq trip

Andy's Iraq trip

Soran, Erbil, Iraq
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On the eve of departure… Posted about ago

  • Team unity. Our team is off to a good start, but we’ll soon be mashed together in tight quarters and new surroundings with people we don’t know all that well yet. Please pray the God will protect our team from any seeds of division that would be sown in the coming days.
  • A listening spirit. We expect this trip to be very relational, and we will shape our activities there to meet the needs we see, both physical and spiritual, as best we can. Please pray that our team will hear the voice of God’s Spirit as we discern the tasks and opportunities that he has prepared for us.
  • Strength. This past week, I’ve been contemplating the reality of going into a city of 80,000 people with only maybe a dozen known Christians - and most of those are missionaries! While I don’t know exactly what this reality will mean for our team, I suspect we may face considerable resistance from the enemy. Please pray for and with us as we wrestle with forces in the spiritual realm.
Thank you for your prayers! It is an incredible encouragement to hear from you and to know that others have our backs for the next two weeks.

I understand that I’ll have internet access in our host’s home and will try to post some updates during our time there. If you’d like to get a hold of me for any reason, email is your best bet. Love you all! Cheers!

Andy's Iraq trip
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Hear the Cry

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Iraq - November
Trip ID# Iraq-November 2015

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Hear the Cry 724
Portland , OR, US
Hear the Cry exists to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the...
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Andy Kost
Newberg, Oregon, United States

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Soran, Erbil, Iraq

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Funded - October 28, 2015
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Andy's Iraq trip

by Andy Kost 300 Lives Impacted Soran, Erbil, Iraq

Hear The Cry has felt called into Iraq due to the turmoil and refugee situations. To a country that for the most part, nobody is going into.  Jesus...

$3,000 One-time Donations
  • $3,000 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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