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THANK YOU for visiting my support fundraising page!  

"Seek each day to do or say something to further the cause of Christ among the nations."

It was in 2005 when I surrendered to go to the "uttermost parts of the earth."  I didn't really understand what all of that would mean...and at times, I still don't, but one thing I know for sure...the commission that Jesus left with us is GREAT.  My answer is the same as it was then..."Here I am, Lord, send me!" 

Recently, I came on staff with e3 Partners/Tanzania as a Church Planting Coordinator. As a Church Planting Coordinator, I'll be co-leading short-term teams primarily in East Africa to partner with local Christians to plant churches within the walking distance of every person.  

There are so many things we hope to do and so many people we desire to reach with the Gospel, with community transformation, with discipleship, with help, love, compassion, and friendship.  Most of all, our desire is to bring God the utmost be obedient to His see His name made famous in every nation, tribe, and tongue!  

As the new Women's Ministry Coordinator for e3/Tanzania, I'm so excited to be mobilizing teams of U.S. women to go to Tanzania! We'll have the opportunity to lead Women's Conferences - concentrating on teaching God's Word, training national women's leaders, developing community transformation projects, and encouraging our sisters in Christ.  This is a new endeavor and we're expecting God to do great us, among us, and through us.  Please pray with us!  

I'm often asked if I'm going back to Tanzania each year.  My response is, "I plan to go every year, more than once a year if possible, until God tells me NOT to go."  

I have a donations goal of $3,850 for each mission that I participate in, plus the additional funds needed for Women's Ministry and other needs while we're on the field.  When one person from the U.S. goes, it mobilizes nationals to go with us!  When you send an American to the mission field, you're mobilizing Tanzanian missionaries as well.  It's a beautiful picture of the body of Christ working together for the kingdom!  

Will you pray about the ongoing work being done in Tanzania?  Will you pray about helping me as I raise support and continue to far and as often as God allows? Not everyone can board a plane and travel across the ocean to a foreign land. At times, not everyone can GIVE financially.  But we can ALL PRAY!  That is, honestly, such a vital and cherished gift! Then, there are some who are ready to GO!  If that's you, please contact me about the many expeditions to Tanzania.  It's an amazing time to be involved in the Great Commission! Whatever part YOU play in the Gospel reaching the nations, God is glorified!  

Any donation will go toward the work in Tanzania and our upcoming missions.  Also, any recurring donations given per month will help to raise the additional support needed for me to continue to train and mobilize team members and participate in upcoming expeditions and ministry.  I hope that you'll consider being part of this opportunity with me.

Every donation counts, no matter how large or how small.  Every donation is also tax deductible!

Thank you so much for being a part of my life, for your prayers, your encouragement, your support, and your friendship!

Pray.  Give.  Go.                                                                                                      

Until The Whole World Hears!

Beth Holt                                                                                                                               e3/Tanzania Church Planting Coordinator and Women's Ministry Coordinator

"Look among the nations, and see;  For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if it were told." Habakkuk 1:5

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Funded - August 24, 2018
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Beth Holt e3 Partners Fundraiser

by e3 Partners 100 Lives Impacted Tanzania

THANK YOU for visiting my support fundraising page!  "Seek each day to do or say something to further the cause of Christ among the nations."It was...

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