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As we look at the world and the situations we face daily, it can seem as though all hope is lost and the world is moving in an irreparable direction. While worldly evidence for this view may abound, e.g., corruption, frequent wars and rumors of wars, growing sex trafficking industries, diseases abounding, etc., the bible teaches that this is simply the way of a world and people marred by sin and separated from their creator. We attempt many things to dig ourselves out of this position, like electing promising politicians, forming NGOs to combat humanitarian issues, and seeking economic prosperity. These efforts, however, always prove fruitless in the end. They are like placing bandages over a major bleed. While they might cover up the issue for a time, they will never solve the core problem and more problems will arise if the root issue is not addressed. What, then, is the answer to our seemingly hopeless situation?

Scripture makes it very clear that the only hope that lasts and is not subject to situation or power of this world is that which is found in Christ. The only hope in war or peace is in Christ. The only path to life is not in the food, shelter, or finances that we use to preserve our lives on this earth, but is in Christ, the bread of life and our shelter in times of need. If this is the truth, then it follows that the only true cure for the world’s issues is in the gospel. God has made this fact clear in my life over the years and has placed in me a heart for all those operating apart from Him with no knowledge of the gospel or access to someone to explain it to them. By partnering with me in prayer and financial support, you will help me to not only get this message of hope and salvation out myself, but also help me to equip others to do the same, multiplying our efforts that the Lord might be glorified as many come to know, praise, and serve Him.

Will you join me in getting this message of a true and enduring hope to the nations? Your monthly support provides for my practical needs, protects me against financial emergencies that may disrupt my ministry, and supplies ongoing training and resources.
Through your prayer and financial support, you become a part of everything God does through me. You are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions. You can click the “Donate” button above to get started.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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As we look at the world and the situations we face daily, it can seem as though all hope is lost and the world is moving in an irreparable directio...

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