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Coopers' Australia Summer Mission

Coopers' Australia Summer Mission

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About this Fundraiser

This Summer, student missionaries Mayah (16), Malachi (14), Isaiah (12) and Tessa (10) Cooper have the amazing opportunity to equip Australian students and leaders to make disciples of Jesus on a Summer mission trip to Australia!  They will be joining their dad (Troy), some SoCal teammates, Steve + Michelle Addison and some local Australian leaders to help lead 4Fields Intensive Trainings for Australian churches, planters and students in Bendigo (Melbourne) & Ipswitch (Brisbane).  In addition, they will be leading a STUDENT TRAINING in Brisbane.  

Dates: June 27 - July 18, 2019

Financial Need: $14,-00 ($2,800 / person)
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Gospel Need: Over 85% of Australians are far from God (Joshua Project)

Gospel Opportunity: The Australian teams we are coaching are seeing 20% of Australians engaged are saying yes to the gospel when Australians share and 12% receive immediate baptism!  Australians are responding to Australians sharing the gospel!  Praise Jesus!  Many are eager to be equipped!  We want to steward this and equip more Australians to make disciples and train others.

Would you prayerfully consider investing your prayers and financial support to this mission trip?  They are well prepared to help lead training on this trip which is part of a long-term strategic plan that Troy is helping lead to equip and coach a national network of Australian leaders who are taking local ownership of the core missionary task.  The goal is always to see indigenous leadership.  

Thank you for your prayers and support.  

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Coopers On A Mission
By Troy Cooper

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Ended - December 31, 2099
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Coopers' Australia Summer Mission

by e3 Partners 100 Lives Impacted Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This Summer, student missionaries Mayah (16), Malachi (14), Isaiah (12) and Tessa (10) Cooper have the amazing opportunity to equip Australian stud...

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