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This Summer, the Lord has given me the opportunity to spend three months in Romania for an internship serving full time with Word Made Flesh, and I would like to invite you to join in this excitement with me! The reason why I chose this internship is because I am passionate about cultivating community through connecting with people, helping them get what they need and making them feel loved. In Romania, I will be doing exactly these things. The majority of my time will be spent in a Galati, where I will get to experience poverty first-hand by living among children and families who have very little. Poverty is completely foreign to me, and I want to understand its reality.

 I will be developing relationships with the Romanian people, learning about their needs, helping to provide health and social care, as well as exploring new ideas of improving the neighborhood. My dream is to learn how to relate and communicate with various cultures so that I can love them in “their language” instead of trying to make them understand the way that I love. Additionally, I will be learning the Romanian language in order to better communicate. This is an opportunity for me to give all my attention to serving the vulnerable and being intentional to love them with the love Christ has shown me.

For the first three weeks of my internship, I will be traveling throughout Romania to study the post-communist context of Romania and the effects it has today. This will be done through visiting places of historical significance, listening to the stories of those who lived during communism, looking at how the people, churches, families at the center, and Romanian families in general still feel the effects today, and how society has developed in the past twenty-five years (I will also be continuing this study while working with the community in Galati). This will be accredited to my major at Wheaton College.

Together with Word Made Flesh, I have started a fundraiser to raise the funding that I need. I will be leaving for Romania on May 3rd, and returning August 1st. For the entire trip, I will be needing $7,900. This includes food, lodging, travel expenses, and college tuition. I hope that you will consider being part of this opportunity with me. Every donation is important and will enable me to be present and help others in need. Would you kindly consider making a donation? Also, I would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me accomplish something that's important to all of us!

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Daniella Luper - Romania Internship 2017

by Word Made Flesh 200 Lives Impacted Galați, Galați, Romania

This Summer, the Lord has given me the opportunity to spend three months in Romania for an internship serving full time with Word Made Flesh, and I...

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