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Dookue Memorial School Fundraiser

Dookue Memorial School Fundraiser

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About this Fundraiser

Helping Hands Around the World plans to provide a school for under-served children in Biara, Nigeria. Over the course of the last few years, this part of the world has fallen into increasingly abject poverty. The average family in the region lives on less than $1 per day. This is a region where 65% of children receive no primary education, because their families cannot afford to send them to school. As a result, the cycle of local poverty and poor educational opportunity is deepening. Today, many children in Ogoniland, Nigeria, do not have an equivalent access to educational opportunities as do their peers in other parts of Nigeria. A recent research survey in Ogoniland revealed that 40% of Ogoni children do not have any primary education, 60% of Ogoni children do not have access to secondary education, 75% of children do not have college education, and 90% of adults do not have full-time employment. The lack of access to basic educational facilities and gainful employment is of course related, and it reinforces a continual cycle of deepening poverty in the region -- poor families unable to afford school fees, books, uniforms and shoes for their children produce future generations with access only to more of the same, or worse. To further worsen the already bad situation, due to a regional teacher strike in the area, there was no schooling in the area at all last year.

To begin to address this situation, The Dookue Memorial School, was established to improve access to a better quality of education for the children of Biara, Ogoniland and build foundations for a better future. The name of the school honors Chief Dookue Naanee.
The Dookue Memorial School is named for a man who valued education.  Though he did not complete high school, Chief Dookue Naanee knew the value of education.  He helped many families, in Biara, to invest in their children by paying school fees for those children to go to elementary and secondary school.  He even had the opportunity to help with providing funds for college bound students. Chief Dookue was a farmer and made his money from what he produced from his land.  He had five children of his own and all graduated from high school and had opportunities to go to college.  This man was my father.  He had knowledge that went far beyond his education.  He was widely respected by the community he lived in and by the neighboring towns surrounding Biara. Though my father has passed away, before he died his last words to me was to "take care of the children."  I believe this project is the epitome of how he felt about children and education.  Since education was very important to him this project goes hand in hand with the support he gave all of his life.  Being his eldest son, I have the utmost respect for all he has done and this school would be a great way to carry on his legacy of making sure each child should have the opportunity to receive an education.

Dookue Memorial School will also provide a generation of youth in the area the ability to eat healthy meals at the school to guarantee that they are prepared for the learning process, and to provide an atmosphere where the same children are able to learn and develop habits for continuing education.  Dookue Memorial School already has one unimproved building in place, as well as a small staff of teachers and administrators who are ready for the program to launch. Any funds obtained in this campaign will be used for teacher salaries, nutrition for the students, desks, chairs, educational infrastructure, supplies, and a small number of computers so that the children can be exposed to, and benefit from, high-tech learning tools.

Description of Existing Site, and Plans for the Future

The land and some unimproved structures has been donated for use to the school. The students of the school will have access to  classrooms, a computer lab, and a library. Each classroom will have one teacher, and one assistant teacher. In each classroom, the student body will consist of 30 children between the ages of four and six years. One kitchen staff and the two assistant teachers will cook, make sure all of the children are fed, and perform cleanup duties. There will be one administrator and one office staff to keep and maintain records, to promote the vision and mission of the school, and to provide backup for other duties as needed. The facility has a kitchen and several classrooms, with bathrooms on the first floor. On the second floor there are eight rooms and two bathrooms for classrooms and storage areas, with an extra room allowing for future expansion of capacity to serve more youth in the area, once the program is in place and fully staffed.

The computer lab will house computer systems so that the students are able to learn, communicate, and familiarize themselves with technological learning tools, sometimes for the first time. The Learning Center will aid in educating and empowering the youth so that the cycle of poverty as a by-product of an educational lack can come to an end.

Dookue Memorial School will set as the first and most important step towards the transformation of an area that is universally affected by poverty. Children in the area regularly go from morning until night without food or any kind of nutrition. Helping Hands recognizes this as a major roadblock of the learning process, and because of that, will have a program in place that will allow for students to receive breakfast and lunch during school days. This will ensure that our efforts have the most effective possible results, and that the students are properly equipped for a learning environment.

We are sure we will reach our goal but if we don't, any contributions received will still be used for the a scaled down version of our project.  This may involve serving less students and hiring less staff with the anticipation that we will be able to increase services at a later time.

The Impact

Helping Hands Around the World is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to working with families, children, and the global community in order to allow the children of the world to reach their full potential through economic and educational empowerment. The goal of our organization is to increase access to quality education in under-served areas, to promote educational wellness, and to empower positive change in communities. The mission of Helping Hands Around the World is to promote economic empowerment by provisioning funds, goods and services in any part of the world seeking support and financial assistance, to provide access to education to children and families through community-based solutions, and to promote positive change to communities based on awareness of the responsibility to the rest of the world,

Your contribution to Dookue Memorial School will make what was impossible, possible.  You will have the opportunity to help children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school. These children would live in despair and without hope.  This is our chance to help these families break the cycle of poverty.  Your contribution would allow these children to go to a school locally thus providing a great relief for the families who are unable to afford the expense of school let alone the cost of other expenses like food and sometimes room and board.  You will be giving these children a chance to compete with the rest of the world.  The future of our children depends on all of us to help make the future of the world and of our children brighter.  

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, it doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Ask friends, family and co-workers to get the word out and make some noise about our project.

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Ended - September 30, 2016
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Dookue Memorial School Fundraiser

by Agbora Naanee 460 Lives Impacted Nigeria

Helping Hands Around the World plans to provide a school for under-served children in Biara, Nigeria. Over the course of the last few years, this ...

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