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Greece continues to be a gateway into Europe from the Middle East and Africa. The UNHRC states there are approximately 35,000 refugees in Greece at any one time from 40+ countries. Greece is doing what she can to meet the needs but much help is needed!

Many refugees live in camps, parks or abandoned buildings. Often there is little access to clean water, toilets or the food they need. Our Ministry Partners who are also Middle Eastern Refugees tell us of major racism problems across the country denying basic necessities for the refugees. Most volunteer organizations have been unable to return due to COVID-19 travel restrictions which has made a negative impact in care the refugees are receiving.

During this time of being "grounded" from mission trips internationally, we continue to assess ways in which we can enable our National Refugee Ministry Partners to effectively engaged in ministry. To accomplish this, e3 Medical has launched "Virtual Medical Trips" that financially and prayerfully enable our National Refugee Ministry Partners to continue the ministry by meeting the many basic physical needs of their people! These opportunities also  open doors to share the Hope of the Gospel of Jesus! 

While we are unable to serve with our traditional medical mission trips, through your generosity we have been able to 

1. Provide food supply packages of beans, rice, cooking oil. We have provided grocery cards that allow refugees to buy groceries at local stores.

2. Provide pre-paid cell service cards that allows them to maintain contact with family and those helping them with gaining asylum in Europe.

3. Provide funds to enable refugees with prescriptions to get them filled at a local pharmacy. Refugees who see the doctors in the camps are given prescriptions to treat hypertension, diabetes, and other health issues, but they do not have the funds to pay for the prescriptions. 

Our National Ministry Partners are telling us heartbreaking stories of families literally starving due to the lack of food and those who are dying because they cannot pay for their blood pressure or diabetes medicine. They have no jobs, no government subsidies and no financial means to purchase food, medicine and the basic necessities of life!

Like us, they are under "stay at home" mandates. Unlike us, many of these countries have severe penalties for going outside the home.

Please join our "Virtual Medical Teams" as we go into the world, virtually, enabling our wonderful National Partners to be the hands and feet of Jesus! 

You can personalize your giving in the comment section of the donation page. This will let us know if you wish to adopt a family or other wishes you might have regarding your engagement with us virtually. 

 Many thanks for "going virtually" with e3 Medical!  

Anne Lucas, Director e3 Medical

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e3 Medical - Greece Refugees

by Anne Lucas 100 Lives Impacted

Greece continues to be a gateway into Europe from the Middle East and Africa. The UNHRC states there are approximately 35,000 refugees in Greece at...

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