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Forever Family College Fund

These kids are all growing up fast, this is despite all of our best efforts to keep them at that cute cuddly, amazed by the whole world, 5-year-old stage.  We already have had four of them who have gone off to college, one who graduated a few months ago, and in the next few years, we will have more than 40 kids in college.
Whoa! Parents out there like us with kids in college will know what I mean when I say this is a big emotional moment when one of your own makes the leap into the real world.

Here is the thing about kids who have been told that they should dream big. They go off and do just that, we have kids who want to be doctors, engineers, and others who want to be politicians to help their country move ahead. I mean, we can hardly blame them for taking us up on our advice. But still, somehow we have to pay for this!

With all of these amazing kids ready to go out and take on the world, we knew that we would have to have a plan, or we would be letting them down. So we got out our sharp pencils and did some math.

The Plan

Thankfully college and vocational schools in Ethiopia is much more affordable than it is in the rest of the world. The average cost is around $2500 per year per kid, including living expenses. What we decided is that we need a college fund set up, something that will grow in a low-risk college fund Fidelity investment account that we can pull from as these kids start to need it.

We need to raise $350,000 to fund this account, with a conservative average expected return, that amount will cover college or vocational school for all of the kids in our program.

We are working with Fidelity and have the college fund account setup, and the folks at Journey Church in Bozeman, Montana have already made the first donation into the account of $25,000. This means we are still praying for $325,000 to come in to get the fund ready to cover the coming costs of putting these kids through college.

Imagine that, for only $350,000 we will be able to put more than 70 kids from our forever families through college or vocational school. The impact of this will last for generations, and it costs only a little more than it costs to send one kid through Harvard.

Also, we have the ability to accept stock donations into this account as well, so if you have some stocks that you would like to contribute, you will be able to do that and earn the tax deduction while avoiding taxable income from the sale of those stocks. Just reply to this email if that is the case and we will be able to help get the transfer setup.

We would be honored if you would consider donating to this cause with us. Your generosity will forever change the course of the lives of these kids, and hopefully of Ethiopia as a whole.

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  • $350,000 One-time Goal
  • $325,000 Still Needed
  • 1,000 Lives Impacted
  • 3749 Days To Go

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3749 Days to go
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Forever Family College Fund

by Elevate Orphan 1K Lives Impacted Ethiopia

Forever Family College Fund These kids are all growing up fast, this is despite all of our best efforts to keep them at that cute cuddly, amazed b...

$25,000 One-time Donations
  • $350,000 One-time Goal
  • $325,000 Still Needed
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