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Ministering to refugees in Germany

Currently, there are thousands of Refugees entering Germany weekly. It is estimated that Germany will receive over 800,000 Refugees in 2015 alone, leaving each region to house, cloth, feed and provide healthcare for them and the many more arriving in 2016. The German government is trying to serve the increasing numbers, but there is tremendous strain caused by the continued stream of new arrivals.

The Lord is allowing us to work directly with refugees as they arrive at the state in-processing center. T
he ministry is also assisting in the development of several welcome centers, German language centers, and vocational training centers. These new arrivals are coming heavily laden with worries, fears, and tons of emotional and spiritual baggage. They need the hope that only Christ can give.

Our strategy hinges on two principles: receptivity and accessibility.  
We are primarily engaging these newcomers in areas such as spiritual and emotional support, and transformation but are also meeting some of their physical needs. We are constantly looking for ways to discover and engage the fertile soil of men and women’s hearts, and are sponsoring small German and refugee churches to enable them to carry out on-going work themselves.

Our prayer is that through showing Christ's abundant love, many men and women will come to faith in Jesus, and that they would be discipled to become part of new and existing vibrant churches in Germany, their home countries, and to the ends of the earth.

Critical ways you can be involved. Pray. Go. Give.

Go to our partner website for prayer topics and updates.

Email for information on upcoming trips.

Current needs include Bibles, multi-language translators, equipping refugee ministry center, prayer "upper room", Jesus film presentation systems, materials for multi-generational disciple/leadership training, and food for outreach picnics and dinners.  

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Germany Refugee Ministry

by e3 Partners 100 Lives Impacted Germany

Ministering to refugees in GermanyCurrently, there are thousands of Refugees entering Germany weekly. It is estimated that Germany will receiv...

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