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Matthew Zuber - Romania Internship 2019

Matthew Zuber - Romania Internship 2019

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Hey everyone! I'm super excited you're here reading this. This past summer, while working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at a summer camp (for the 8th summer in a row), God told me it was time to move in to a different area of ministry. I had no idea what that looked like, or where it would take me, but I knew God would reveal that in time.

Fast forward to December, and God made it clear that he wanted me to apply to an internship opportunity with Word Made Flesh in Romania. I went on a short-term trip there last spring and was deeply impacted by my time there. I applied for an intern position and got accepted. In my internship I will be helping in any capacity I can at the Word Made Flesh community center in Galați, in eastern Romania. This will include doing some marketing as well as helping program and run the annual summer camp. This is an eight week internship from June 17-August 12. Part of this internship requires me raising financial support, which is (hopefully) why you're here!

I need to raise a total of $6350 by May 24 to do the internship. Within this timeline, there are two deadlines that I must meet - $1900 by February 25 and $4125 by April 8. My hope is that you have, or will, prayerfully consider supporting me financially in this new adventure that the Lord has called me to. EVERY donation is appreciated and helps immensely - no amount is too small to give. 

If you aren't able to support financially, I understand. However, there are other ways you can support me. Firstly, prayer is a powerful means of support. Prayers for funds to come in; the preparations to go well; and for me to approach all situations with enthusiasm, humility, and the love of the Father are some key areas that I would appreciate prayers. Another way to support me is to share this on any social media avenues you have, or in person with friends. 

Thank you so much for checking this out and for supporting me in this endeavor of obedience to God. Be blessed in all that you do, and may you feel His face shine upon you.

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Ended - May 24, 2019
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Matthew Zuber - Romania Internship 2019

by Matthew Zuber 50 Lives Impacted Romania

Hey everyone! I'm super excited you're here reading this. This past summer, while working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at a summer camp (for ...

$4,010 One-time Donations
  • $6,350 One-time Goal
  • $2,340 Still Needed
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