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:Men's Recovery Home

:Men's Recovery Home

Pueblo, Colorado, United States
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Victory Outreach Pueblo Men's Christian Recovery Home

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If you intend for your resources to go to help the Victory Outreach Pueblo Men's Recovery Home's mission of seeking and saving the lost and hurting, this is the right place. We offer a Christian living environment for those whose lives have been destroyed or disrupted due to drugs, alcohol, and/or other substance abuse. We reclaim, redeem and restore individuals through the power of Jesus Christ by establishing 3 essential values;

Faith, Family, and Positive Work Ethic.

Our monthly budget is $3,800. That amount allows us to pay our rent, utilities, vehicle maintenance, gas, as well as monthly licensing and registration fees. We also enroll the men in discipleship classes and leadership training.

Currently, nearly all of our finances are raised by the projects I take on and manage; where the men and I work odd jobs, construction subcontracts, landscaping, trash hauling, etc. to try to cover the costs of running the home.

What is unique about our ministry, is that 100% of the contributions we receive go directly to the Recovery Home. We are propelled by dedicated volunteers such as myself, so we do not have to fund anyone's salary.

We are also raising money in order to take 8 men to California for our Victory Outreach Mighty Men of Valor conference on May 1st. These conferences are vital to the spiritual growth of the men going through our program. In many cases, the men participating in our programs have never even been outside of Pueblo and it's surrounding towns. A trip to California opens up their minds to the endless possibilities that God could have in store for them. This conference was the catalyst that made me fall in love with God and imparted vision of my future.

The cost of this trip; travel, registration and housing is $3,500 and we're believing GOD will see that it happens. We are grateful that he decided to use you!

Thank you for being the difference!

Luke Edwall

Director, VOP Mens Christian Recovery Home

(719) 214-7062 (cell)

(719) 584-7722 (church)

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Pueblo, Colorado, United States

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Ended - May 01, 2019
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:Men's Recovery Home

by Luke Edwall 100K Lives Impacted Pueblo, Colorado, United States

Victory Outreach Pueblo Men's Christian Recovery Home                        Virtual Offering Basket If you intend for your resources to go to he...

$880 One-time Donations
$0 Monthly Donations
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