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Migliori Adoption

Migliori Adoption

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FRIENDS! We are so excited you are here reading about our story! We want nothing more than to bring all of you along on this journey with us! We know the Lord calls many to adoption and sharing our story is a way to align our paths and prompt others to jump on the train! 

We are the Miglioris! Daddy is Tyler, Mama is Lindsey, & we have 3 biological little Migs. 

We always thought adoption may be an option for us. In November of 2012 the stirring began... and in April of 2013 we took the plunge! We hope to bring home a little girl from India just as soon as possible. Adopting abroad is generally a lengthy process - so we hope that you'll keep checking back with us.

When I think about my biological children, I consider 2 things:

1) If I ever HAD to give even one of them up for adoption... how might my heart might explode! I would pray with every breath, every ounce of my being that someone would love them they way I wish I could. With every bit of my energy I would hope that, by some miracle, God would give them the family that I couldn't provide - one of love, strength, protection, friendship, and free of harm.

2) If I could see the BIG PICTURE that God alone sees, and one of my children wasn't "born" to me but was WHEREVER just waiting for me... what WOULDN'T I do to get to them!! I would fight. I would cry. I would raise a million dollars. I would desperately seek any way that I could to get them home safely to my arms. Nothing could stop this mama bear - be it hell or high water, mama's getting her raft and Jesus is preparing the way. I know this is true for every mama out there.

Now God has lead us to a little girl in India! We are thrilled to pursue her ... to go scoop her up and BRING HER HOME!

God sets the lonely in families... Ps 68.6

Please pray for us as we begin this journey. Pray that the Lord prepares our hearts and our family to struggle through this process as we wait, and pray, and long to welcome #4 HOME! Pray that she is protected (as she is probably already ALIVE right now!!!) as she waits for a family to call her very own. 

**Because there are so many variables (especially with travel) we don't know a definite amount that we need to raise, so we're starting with a Pure Charity goal of $10,000. We hope to sell puzzle pieces, have silent auctions, collect spare change, have yard sales and clothing donations, along with many other things to help raise money! Also, check out some of your favorite places to shop that are linked up here on Pure Charity - a specific percentage of your purchase can go directly into our account - at no additional cost to you!! We are so appreciative of all of your prayers and donations! We are blessed to have such a strong support system! Thank you for loving us!**


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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $7,218 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted
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Lindsey Migliori
Braselton, Georgia

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Ended - January 31, 2016
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Migliori Adoption

by Lindsey Migliori 1 Lives Impacted India

FRIENDS! We are so excited you are here reading about our story! We want nothing more than to bring all of you along on this journey with us! We kn...

$2,782 One-time Donations
  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $7,218 Still Needed
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