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Josh Devine has toured the world in One Direction with this Mapex Saturn IV drum kit. Not only has this one of a kind drum kit been on the stage, in front of millions of fans with the biggest band in world, but it was also the drum kit seen in the films: This is us (2013) and Up all night: The live tour (2014).

Normally this kind of world famous pop music treasure would be put behind glass as a museum piece,Josh Devine has a much more meaningful plan for it.

In the Spring of 2016, Josh took a trip to the Southern region of Rwanda to meet a child named Evaride. Josh sponsored Evaride through Food For The Hungry’s child sponsorship program. Because of this program, Evaride’s community has been stabilized and championed out of extreme poverty. With such an overwhelmed appreciation for Food For The Hungry, Josh became the ambassador of a community of 42,000 people in the hills of East Rwanda called Nyagihanga.

He learned there are tremendous and immediate needs that have not yet been met in this community. Josh decided to raise support by entering his personal world famous drum kit; a musical treasure, into this sweepstakes.


No purchase necessary

• One post card mailed in = 1 entry (Mail a sweepstakes entry to “Pure Charity, 113 West Central Ave, Suite 201, Bentonville, AR 72712)

• $1 donation = 1 entry

• $10 donation = 25 entries

• $25 donation = 100 entries

• Sponsor a child at = 250 entries

Support raised through this sweepstakes will help meet Nyagihanga’s immediate needs.  ALL proceeds will go to Food For The Hungry’s work in Nyagihanga Rwanda.

Sweepstakes ends 12/31/2016


Mapex Saturn IV drum kit
  • 8x7 rack tom
  • 10x9 rack tom
  • 12x11 rack tom
  • 14x14 floor tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 22x18 kick drum
  • 14x5.5 snare
  • 10x5.5 Steel Black Panther snare

Gibraltar rack, Mapex Hardware, Mapex Falcon Double Kick drum Pedal

Paiste cymbals

  • 13” hi hats
  • 12” hi hats
  • 17” crash
  • 18” crash
  • 19” crash
  • 20” crash
  • 18” effects china/crash
  • 22” ride
  • 6” splash
  • 8” splash
  • 10” splash

2 pairs Vater Josh Devine Signature Sticks

Sweepstakes Terms at

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One Direction Drum Kit Sweepstakes

by Food for the Hungry 500 Lives Impacted Rwanda

JOSH DEVINE’S ONE DIRECTION WORLD TOUR DRUM KIT SWEEPSTAKESJosh Devine has toured the world in One Direction with this Mapex Saturn IV drum kit. No...

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