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Hello dear family and friends, 

As I recall on my post last year, tears flood down my face as I,Lord willing, will have the opportunity to serve the people of Motherwell once again this spring. My story is not just mine, but the Lord's.  He has blessed me with skills in not only education, but children with disabilities as well.  Not just the the children I serve in my everyday job, but my VERY OWN SON too.  I am beyond grateful for the prayers and support that I received last year.  It gave me the chance to share Jesus and love families that have children with special needs.  The Lord opened our eyes to the needs of this community that lives in the shadows. The special needs community is an unreached people.  It provided me with a whole new meaning of Corinthians 13.  Love is patient, Love is kind...When the families shared that they love their children. the Lord showed me this verse so that they truly understood what love means through His eyes.  My heart was so filled, but the work is not done.  I would be honored for you to partner with me either spiritually and/or financially again if the Lord calls you to do so.   

Here is the link for my donation page if you feel called to partner with me financially.

Below will provide more information on our mission trip. 

Cypress Bible Church has a strong relationship with Africa For Christ, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. CBC supports 3 pastors in a nearby township called Motherwell. This will be the third trip to Motherwell with the goal of spreading the gospel, making disciples, and helping to establish healthy, thriving local churches.

We will be serving the people of Motherwell, South Africa in several ways, while we support 3 local churches in the goal of spreading the gospel and making disciples throughout all of Motherwell. The team will be serving high school youth, as we help them to process trauma in their lives through the lens of scripture. The team will be serving the local community by helping take care of physical and spiritual needs; serve the local preschool teachers by mentoring them in order to support their efforts to provide a Christian education to children between the ages of 2-5; serve entrepreneurs and perspective entrepreneurs by providing Christian based business training; and also minister to local families who have children with special needs who are ignored in society.

Join our effort to spread the love of Jesus to all 500,000 people in Motherwell!


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e3 Partners 130M
Plano, TX, US
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Robin Nichols
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Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Robin Nichols's fundraiser for Port Elizabeth, South...

by Robin Nichols 100 Lives Impacted Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, South Af...

Hello dear family and friends, As I recall on my post last year, tears flood down my face as I,Lord willing, will have the opportunity to serve the...

$1,875 One-time Donations
  • $3,500 One-time Goal
  • $1,625 Still Needed
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