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Want to do something about child exploitation?

Let’s stop it from taking root in the first place.

Prevention is key. Kids are at risk to exploitation when they don’t have an education.  

No education limits options. No options limit choice. Education creates opportunities. Opportunities create freedom.

Prevention is possible when education is available.  

Remarkable things have happened at CLF.  

We met a fabulous group of kids that had NEVER been to school before.  

In 2013 we started small. We began a daily holistic education program. Our kids began to learn to read and write, working towards individual education plans, learning english, receiving mentorship, extra curriculars, and practical life skills.  It made a difference….

6 years ago X was a 13 year old girl living undocumented in Thailand. She had never been to school before.  She was at risk. Today she has legal status, a full time job, and is working towards a highschool diploma!

X has options. X is no longer vulnerable to exploitation.  This was possible because X had a long term sponsor.

Our small program has grown, and grown, and grown….

Today we have 60 students in our education program.

To continue this life giving work we need partners.  

Partners like you.  

We need 30 people to commit to sponsoring a student for $50.00 a month.  

Let’s do this great thing.  Let’s break cycles of poverty and exploitation. YOU can make a difference. For real.  

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and partnership!  

Take the first step in sponsoring a student by clicking on the Donate button. We will then contact you within 48 hours! 

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Prevention Starts Here // Sponsor 30

by Creative Life Foundation 100 Lives Impacted Thailand

Turn up your volume then hit playWant to do something about child exploitation?Let’s stop it from taking root in the first place. Prevention is key...

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