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We've gained a lot of headway since we first started this campaign at the end of September 2015, but now we've taken the fundraising show on the road in a similar way to the way in which Andrew has taken the ministry on the road....and so we've gone to the "place" where we feel we can do the most good:  Pure Charity.

Formerly, we were at Go Fund Me, but felt that their percentage was cutting too deep a swath from the ministry profits.  Hence our new home here.  

Because Pure Charity share the same vision we do and has a better set of resources to enable us to serve better those whom we wish to impact.


We've all been shocked by the news that continues to roll out of the Middle East: refugees fleeing their war-torn homelands...people making heroic journeys with their children and elderly in tow...sad stories of sorrow...countries refusing to offer haven...but also, JOYFUL stories of triumph, as many other countries, with open arms, are beginning to offer safe harbor.  Many of us have asked: How can I help? What can I do?  Without a tangible way to show support, or a meaningful connection, many of us have felt a terrible powerlessness. But no more...we now have a connection... a friend on the ground, so to speak... and thereby, a way to make a difference!

MissioGrace is partnering to support  Andrew Jones. Known as TSK to some; Jones is an out-of-the-box thinker/nomad who travels around the world to equip and empower individuals and people groups to live in community innovatively. Jones and his wife Debra and a small band of co-labourers are at the Serbian border and have been feeding the influx of Syrian Refugees. You can read more about their adventures here, where he tries to update daily (when the internet cooperates):

The funds will be used for much needed "support resources" on a variety of levels (diesel for the truck, and whatever other items might me necessary to assist in offering much needed solace, shelter, and sustenance to the Syrians). All that being said, TSK wanted to make sure we were all on the same page about ALL of their current needs. This is what he said:  "...Our greatest need and compassion and perspective, wise choices, courage, a good team spirit. And for these things we covet your prayers. I think we need a few Syrians on our team. Could you pray that we pick the right ones this week?"

So please...consider doing both: praying and sending financial support. Thanks!

MissioGrace is a 501c3 not-for-profit based in Newark, Delaware.  Our mission and vision very much align with Jones'.  MissioGrace seeks to empower ordinary believers to live out the Mission of God in their families, their neighborhoods, their places of employment, and their other spheres of influence by equipping them to proclaim the Good News through extraordinary acts of "Gracism".

Your donations are tax deductible.   To find out more about us, check us out at:

Thank you for helping mus make a difference as we empower and equip other to practice radical acts of Gracism!

Grace and Peace,

Tracy Byrd Dickerson

Executive Director of MissioGrace

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MG seeks to empower ordinary believers to live out the MissionofGod in their families,t...
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Ended - January 01, 2017
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Syrious Love

by Tracy Byrd Dickerson 1K Lives Impacted Syria

We've gained a lot of headway since we first started this campaign at the end of September 2015, but now we've taken the fundraising show on the ro...

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