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Your 10 bucks covers 10 toes.

Join our 10 for 10 program and support the needs to ensure each individual in Uganda becomes and remains jigger free. 

By committing to donating $10.00 a month to Sole Hope, you can ensure that one child every month is getting a new pair of shoes.  Shoes that will impact the trajectory of their lives!

Read below about Wasiwa and the impact Sole Hope was able to make in his life. 

Waiswa was just 14 years old when he first came to Sole Hope. Old enough to be considered an adult by most in Ugandan culture, yet still in desperate need of guidance and nurturing, Waiswa was alone and suffering from immense pain. He spent most of his days as a nomad - wandering from village to village and home to home, although walking caused him extreme discomfort. When he first visited the Sole Hope Outreach House, he had over 1,500 jiggers and a severe case of malaria.

Waiswa had the worst case of jiggers we had ever seen.

While his situation was bad, it was far from hopeless. Waiswa and his father spent several months at the Outreach House while he had his jiggers removed, received treatment for malaria, and learned about hygiene, prevention, and health.

A few months after he returned home to his village, we visited Waiswa. We are happy to announce he remains jigger free! This sweet boy came to us paralyzed by two dangerous diseases, but now walked around in his socks and shoes with a big smile on his face and a heart full of hope! Waiswa was so intent on wearing his shoes everyday, he almost wore through that first pair he had received during his treatment. We were delighted to give him a new pair of shoes so that he can continue to live with #ZEROjiggers.

Wasiwa's story mirrors the stories of so many children we care for - children suffering from immense hurt as a result of something smaller than a grain of rice. A jigger can cause a child to miss school or put them at risk of neglect from their families. Yet some of our most painful, severe, & “impossible” cases turn out to have the greatest transformative and hopeful endings. Once again, Waiswa has a beautiful and bright future ahead of him, but his case is not the only one. Please join us as we continue to treat and heal children in Uganda from the pain of jiggers. Together, we move forward toward the #nexttwofeet, #ZEROjiggers, and hope for changed lives.

Learn more about the Tailors and Shoe Makers that are crafting our shoes, HERE!

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$10 for TEN

by Sole Hope 100 Lives Impacted Uganda

Your 10 bucks covers 10 toes.Join our 10 for 10 program and support the needs to ensure each individual in Uganda becomes and remains jigger free. ...

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