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It's Cold but we are warming up. Posted about ago

For many it has been a bitter cold week with a few more days of it ahead. In Florida we have been on the chilly side but not quite the same. I pray that each of you stay warm and that your cars start easily and that your furnaces stay working well. I remember it all too well. 

Since Summer is not far off we are getting our plans together for the summer Mission trips here in Florida. We are calling it Mission 3-2-1 (Space Coast etc.) We are planning for 6-8 weeks of VBS and service projects in the area. Please pray for the students who will come to serve and also pray for the Churches, communities and the kids where they will serve. Our goal is to be Salt & Light and to make an impact that will last. 
We will also be looking for 3-5 College Interns to be our staff this summer. If you know of any guys or girls who would be interested in a Summer Internship here in Florida please let me know or have them contact me. 

Thanks for your continued prayers for me, Andra and the boys. We continue to watch God work in wonderful ways and we are excited for the run up to summer. 
Stay warm and let me know if there is anything you can use prayer for.

The Shirley Family
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The Shirley Family

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The Shirley family will be working with World Wide Village to develop Student Impact Teams to serve in Haiti and locally in Florida.  We consider t...

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