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Experiencing the Mission Posted about ago

When I talk with youth leaders one of the things we discuss is finding ways for students to understand what it means to serve God. Since I was a Freshman in high school I have been on a variety of mission trips and service projects. What I have seen over the years is how students will rise to the occasion when given a chance to serve others. Sometimes it is through service such as home repair, painting, or cleaning. Other times it is through sitting with someone who has gone through a disaster and letting them tell their story. 
As we debrief about the trip, the students will talk about what they felt and heard, and then they talk about how God was able to use that to open their eyes to His love a little more.
Youth leaders want their students to be good people, but more importantly they want them to be godly people. They want them to have a Christlike heart that wants to grow in their knowledge of Christ and share the Gospel with those in their circle. 
Yesterday as I talked with a youth leader about what he is doing with their students we talked about an opportunity coming up for students to be trained to share Christ for a large event. He said, " I want to be a part of that". What a cool response and what a call to action for his students. 
When students learn to be "On Mission" wherever they are, they begin to see others as Jesus sees them. That is our goal because that is the goal given to us, to go and make Disciples!

The Shirley Family
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The Shirley Family

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