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About Us

The Mentoring Project is new mentoring model working in partnership with businesses, churches, non-profits and local police officers. We strategically reach children before they drop out of school, join a gang, start drugs or become pregnant. Our work is prevention more than intervention. Join us NOW - as we continue to build our financial base for our efforts.

We currently have three chapters and three partner sites, working in coordination with local police gang prevention units, churches and mentors. We are recruiting, training and matching caring mentors to reach these high-risk children before they make bad, life-altering choices. We have a three-year goal to have seven partner sites and twenty chapters, and holding us this model as a counter light to the narrative of unrest and violence.

Our Initiatives

Gang Prevention Mentoring 

We are working directly with Gang Prevention Police units cities to recruit, train and match mentors with high-risk youth. We are seeing caring mentors effectively curb bad decisions, keep children in high school and then go to college. This mentoring happens in coordination with the local police and we currently have two partner sites.

Global Mentor Training and Recruitment 

We are working to resource and train cities through: Rewrite: Live Mentor Trainings and our Mentor Toolkit, which has been used by over 300 global cities. Our Toolkit enables local leaders to launch and create a sustainable mentoring community, and then provide their own local oversight. In the last three years, we have conducted live mentor trainings in: Detroit, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma City, Grand Rapids, Orange County, Santa Fe, Dallas, Asheville, Ft. Myers, Philadelphia, and many other cities - and our Toolkit has been used by over 300 global cites.  

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To recruit, train and match caring mentors with the children who need them. www.the...
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About UsThe Mentoring Project is new mentoring model working in partnership with businesses, churches, non-profits and local police officers. We st...

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