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Arrabon General Donations

Arrabon General Donations

Richmond, Virginia, United States

About this Fundraiser

About Arrabon

We exist to equip you and your community to effectively engage in the work reconciliation. 


We equip Christian leaders and their communities with the resources to effectively engage in the work of reconciliation. Our live workshop initiates conversations and communal problem-solving to help transform your community on into a reconciling community. Our digital study series and live workshop are designed to create transformative environments of mutual learning.

Culture Making

​If we want to change culture, then we have to make new cultural artifacts. Urban Doxology is a ministry of Arrabon that engages in culture-making for reconciliation through worship formation. They create worship experiences and resources to equip Christian communities with the spiritual formation needed to faithfully practice reconciliation.

For more information, visit:

Leadership Development

If we want a better tomorrow, we have to raise up leaders today. Since 2011, we've hosted the Urban Doxology Songwriting Internship (UDSI) each summer. USI is an  8-week intensive program that develops young adult leaders (ages 18-25). UDSI fuels our culture-making efforts and raises the type of reconciling leaders we want to see in diverse contexts both inside and outside of the church.

​For more information, visit:

Invest in Arrabon.

Effectively engaging in reconciliation is essential for the credibility of the Church.

Consider becoming a monthly or annual financial ministry partner today!

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Richmond, VA, US
In a digital, diverse, and divided world, we build reconciling communities.
All donations go directly to Arrabon as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Richmond, VA, US

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Richmond, Virginia, United States

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Arrabon General Donations

by Arrabon 10K Lives Impacted Richmond, Virginia, United States

About ArrabonWe exist to equip you and your community to effectively engage in the work reconciliation.  Training We equip Christian leaders and th...

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