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Our world is torn by deep wounds and divisions caused by the racial hierarchy that pervades our society, our institutions, our communities, and our personal relationships. Arrabon exists to help Christian organizations overcome this malforming, unbiblical narrative on race by providing training, tools, consulting, and coaching in the work of reconciliation. Our approach aims to disciple Christian leaders and communities in a journey of re-formation, one that is rooted in the reconciling work of the cross of Christ.

The word Arrabon means “foretaste of things to come.” We believe the Church should be a foretaste of the fully reconciled Kingdom of God—a witness to the world of the reconciliation and unity that began in Christ’s work on the cross and will be fulfilled in the Kingdom to come.

Here are several ways to connect with Arrabon’s ministry:

Arrabon Academy: Our online resource to bring our biblically rooted, time-tested teaching and training directly to your community.

Consulting Program: This in-depth program is for organizations ready to invest in long-term sustained change. Our Arrabon team will walk alongside you for 1-3 years as your organization digs deeply into discerning and implementing reconciling change.

Urban Doxology: A ministry of Arrabon that pursues reconciliation through worship formation. They create worship experiences and resources to equip Christian communities with the worship tools needed to faithfully practice reconciliation.

Urban Doxology Songwriting Internship
An annual summer leadership development program that brings together young creatives from across North America to learn and experience multicultural worship leading in an urban context.

Invest in Arrabon.

Effectively engaging in reconciliation is essential for the credibility of the Church.

Consider becoming a monthly or annual financial ministry partner today!

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Mission To equip Christian leaders and their communities with the tools to become reco...
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by Arrabon 10K Lives Impacted Richmond, Virginia, United States

Our world is torn by deep wounds and divisions caused by the racial hierarchy that pervades our society, our institutions, our communities, and our...

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