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India 2017
Jul 7, 2017 - Jul 22, 2017
Karnataka, India

You're invited to a place like none other. A place where you will experience the heartbeat of Christ. A place called Happy Home for the Handicapped. A place for the orphan, the disabled, and the discarded children of Karnataka.

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India 2017

India 2017

Karnataka, India
Jul 7, 2017 - Jul 22, 2017

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Trip Cost: $3,400
Application Deadline: REGISTRATION CLOSED

You're invited to a place like none other.  A place where you will experience the heartbeat of Christ.  A place called Happy Home for the Handicapped.  A place for the orphan, the disabled, and the discarded children of Karnataka.  

Many children born with disabilities such as downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, blindness, are simply cast out from their homes and families from shame, poverty, and a lack of knowledge in how to properly care for and nurture them.  When families are able to keep these children, they are often locked up or tied up for 12 or more hours each day while both parents work to keep them safe and from running away.  These children find the love of Jesus at Happy Home where they are loved, fed, given physical therapy, speech therapy, and the kind of family that sees beyond the broken flesh.  While not all children at Happy Home are handicapped, many others come to receive the same love and care when families are no longer able to provide for them.  

Taking care of the 80-100 children at Happy Home is a 24/7 commitment of love that is run by Roshan, Rose, Irene, and a few aunties.  The work is rich, yet exhausting.  Teams that serve will help to feed them twice a day, encourage them with their chores, help get them ready for school, play sports and games with them, all while giving the family some much needed rest.  Happy Home is housed in a 200 year old structure that is in need of continual upkeep.  During your time you will also help with projects on the facility, help with gardening, and get to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from the bounty grown on the land.

In a country filled with Hinduism and idolatry, all of the children at Happy Home learn about Jesus and the Scriptures. They study daily, they pray, they share their stories, and they change you.  

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