Pure Mission

Pure Mission

Bentonville, AR, US

Pure Mission exists to bring living transformation through experiential impact.

About This Field Partner

PURE MISSION is on mission to raise awareness  for the injustices in our world and mobilize people to help bring solutions.  We are currently joining together with individuals, churches and organizations across the country to bring desperately needed hope to central Malawi and northwestern Rwanda.  Together we ARE making a difference.

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Our Approach

The Esther's House sponsorship program identifies the most vulnerable children within Central Malawi. It's staff thoroughly interviews children and community members then pools available funds to initiate programming where each child receives full and equal assistance. Currently there are three levels care administered by Esther's House.

Feeding Centers

There are over 1,200 children receiving vitamin enriched meals thru a network of feeding centers. These centers provide food and bible studies and are led by over 350 generous volunteers.


This program serves vulnerable children by coming along side families desiring to give children a home. Every child deserves to have a family and that's the goal for the Esther's House non-residential program. Often times there are extended family members who desire to take in and raise a child but are unable to provide for them. Esther's House works with these families to ensure children are cared for by providing food, healthcare, education and spiritual discipleship.


The residential program is provided for highly vulnerable children who are unable to find care anywhere else. These children are taken into the Esther's House family and cared for by house parents while living on the Esther's House campus. Each child is part of a family unit and given access to housing, education, healthcare, food and spiritual discipleship.

After each program is initiated, individuals and families are given the opportunity to select a specific child to sponsor, correspond with and pray for. Upon full sponsorship of each group of children any available funds are reallocated and the process is repeated. Children are selected, physical needs are met, spiritual needs are addressed and children are matched with a sponsor who they will build a relationship with.

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Pure Mission

Bentonville, AR, US

Pure Mission exists to bring living transformation through experiential impact.

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