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Dear family and friends,

As most of you know, I graduated from Oregon State University last year and was able to travel Europe over the summer. Well, I’m going back! But this time for very different reasons.

After graduation, I committed a year to attending Westside School of Mission, Theology, and Worship. The program has been an incredible time of growth for me and my classmates. Since September, we have been focused on studying the scriptures, living on mission, creatively worshiping God, and learning how to articulate the Gospel to this generation. Every day I become better equipped to serve God in every area of my life.

The program ends with everyone going out on mission for two months. On May 17th, I will be moving to Belfast, Ireland with three of my peers as part of a new church. We will be the first people from the church plant team to arrive. The day to day will involve growing relationships with residents of Belfast, sharing the Gospel, and developing missional communities. Additionally, we will be leading prayer walks around the city and serving the local community. We anticipate gatherings starting in a house, much like we see in the early church in throughout the New Testament, and moving into a building as we grow.

I need your help, partnering with me through prayer and financial support. Please pray that our team would be effective in reaching the people of Belfast. That our time abroad would be fruitful. That God’s kingdom would come and His will be done in Belfast as it is in Heaven.

This fundraiser includes all travel and living expenses. We will be living with gracious host families in Belfast, keeping our costs to a minimum. You are able to give via credit/debit card or by check and donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Andrew Lisac

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  • $3,060 One-time Goal
  • $325 Still Needed
  • 500 Lives Impacted
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Hear the Cry 724
Portland , OR, US
Hear the Cry exists to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Andrew Lisac
Happy Valley, OR

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Portland, Oregon, United States

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Ended - May 16, 2016
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Andrew Lisac's fundraiser for Westside School of Mis...

by Andrew Lisac 500 Lives Impacted Portland, Oregon, United States

Dear family and friends,As most of you know, I graduated from Oregon State University last year and was able to travel Europe over the summer. Well...

$2,735 One-time Donations
  • $3,060 One-time Goal
  • $325 Still Needed
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